Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like my item?

A: No, refunds can be offered due to the nature of these items, I cannot supply a return address for obvious
reasons. Items that are incorrect will be corrected and sent free of charge.

Q: What if my item is seized by customs?

A: Any items seized cannot be replaced, however, items in UK, Europe, and Canada have never been seized
from this company. Ask if you feel concerned that your items may be seized and ill tell you my honest
opinion on if id advises alternatives or contingencies.

Q: Its been 2 days, where is my item?

A: Tracking information will be supplied with all orders for both sides peace of mind. Please be patient and
check your tracking information before email to ask where your item is.

Q: My order hasn't been processed, what happened?

A: Almost always this is because payment hasn't been received, international transfers and
MoneyGram/Western Union payments take 3 days to be obtained or cleared. If you've paid and not
received an item please email me and you will be made a top priority and normally offered recompense
of some kind

Q: What does this item do, how much should I take?

A: If you don't know this then you shouldn't take it, personal responsibility is promoted with all products, do a little research and ask trusted peers. Take care always

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