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We are proud to present our outstanding choice of steroids products. Our store has a largest assortment among the others that is why our products have a great number of faithful customers all over the country. The premium quality and fair price – these are the main advantages of our goods. There is no doubt that our products are the real bestsellers; our clients’ testimonials can prove that.

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    Anastrozole is to prevent conversion of testosterone to oestrogen while on cycle or as part of a post cycle therapy (PCT). If at all your nipples feel itchy or feeling puffy/watery, emotional or not as lean as you should be then you may need to take an selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). F..
    A strong and high quality aromatase inhibitor. Basically stops your body converting testosterone into oestrogen, which happens a lot with some steroids. Mainly tren, anadrol etc ..
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    For bodybuilders who suffer with the side effects of trenbolone, caber or dostinex will help with gynecomastia, mood swings, bad sleep and sex drive decrease assosiated with steroids. Quite an advanced product, not really for novice trainees. Do your research on this one ..
    Cialis is a long lasting labido increasing drug, similar to viagra but not so strong to act, Lastng a lot longer (up to 24 hours). This is for a dirty weekend really more than an evening.  ..
    Clomid raises natural testosterone as part of pct or fertility/TRT (testosterone replecement therapy). Can cause moodiness but has been proven to work, raises blood testosterone levels with great results. To combat moodiness try B12 and HCG. The Dr recomended compound in TRT so if youre serious abou..
  • HCG
    HCG or human choronic gonadotrophic hormone is for increasing male fertility and testosterone production. This is a pharmacy grade product. UK made. HCG has been consistantly proven to raise testosterone production and sperm production, accompanied by the usual traits, increases in mood, strength, a..
    Kamagra jelly, eveyone knows and loves it. Like viagra but a fruit flavoured jel. 100mgs x 7 for a great week! unbeatable price too     ..
    Less headache with same effect, and they taste nice...why not 100mgs x 4 ..
    Letrozole is for a fast response to gycomastia or to pre treat for drugs that cause high oestrogen like anadrol or trenbolone. Its very strong and generally tamoxifen and anastrozole should be considered first. ..
    An amazing peptide, will stop even the fairest skin from ever burning, and give them the darkest tan they could ever wish for. You will tan even without sun exposure, but with it you will get dark. you will at somepoint get too dark and have to back off the dose. Really amazing product can mak..
    Modafanil, the most popular concentration enhancing tablet is used for incresed mental focus. Stay sharp for a prolonged period of time. Mostly used by concert musicians and students but also writers and the sleep deprived. Inspired the movie limitless but realistically is more for immediate increas..
    Nolvadex is an anti oestrogen tablet, used most commonly as part of a cycle to prevent high oestrogen complications like man boobs and such while using dbol or testosterone.     ..
    Accutane is for removing oil from skin by stopping its production. Impoosible to get spots with this, will cure and prevent acne. With no oil in your skin its important to mostuirise and wear sunscreen with on this medicine​. 10 mgs for milder breakouts or maintence dose ..
    Accutane is for removing oil from skin by stopping its production. Impoosible to get spots with this, will cure and prevent acne. With no oil in your skin its important to mostuirise and wear sunscreen with on this medicine. 20mgs for strong results fast ..
    Clomid is a natural testosterone booster. Used for testosterone replacement therapy or as PCT ..
    Tamoxifen is for controlling your estrogen levels as part of PCT or during a cycle to prevent gynocomastia (man boobs) or similar. Great, effective drug. The standard anti estrogen. 20 mgs per tablet ..
    Viagra (sildenafil) 8x 100mgs tablets, probably stronger than you need! As part of PCT or after a charlie sheen type weekend. Thank me later, high 5 ..
    To aid fertility, mood and libido intra and post cycle, also increases the availability of testosterone. Making you more anabolic. For use during cycle ..
    Think everyone has heard of this product now, its for powerful erections within 20-30 minutes. Go have fun ;) ..
    Injectable b12 is for energy release and happiness. vitamin if taken in sufficient amounts will increase general wellbeing. The generally will make most people happier and more energetic when taken regularly. Has been called liquid happiness. Unlike tablets its easy and less expensive to get enough ..
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